Highlands Spa – Extreme Pampering


“It’s a surprise,” he said with twinkling green eyes as he tucked me into the passenger seat and gently closed the door.  My ridiculously huge grin gave away my glee… I do love surprises!

We drove for an hour and a half, winding our way across the state border and into the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, arriving at the über charming town of Highlands.

“Look how beautiful that building is!” I said, staring at the castle-like brick and stone building sprawled across several blocks

“That’s where we’re going,” Kary said.

The building was the Old Edwards Inn and Spa, a luxurious European-style resort nestled in a plateau of the mountains.   It was named by Conde Nast as the Top Hotel Spa in North America.

The next few hours engulfed me in the most extravagant pampering experience of my life.  I was indulged in whirlpools, fluffy robe, massages, prosecco, lunch (in our robes) on the terrace, you name it. Can you say S.P.O.I.L.E.D.?

“What did I do to deserve all of this? I asked.

“We made it,” he said.  “We’re celebrating.”

His nearly four-month deployment in Korea had not been easy, but we’d been determined to turn the time to our advantage and deepen our relationship.  Thank God for Skype, email, and private messaging! And (reluctantly have to shout out) to USPS for – albeit slowly – delivering my bi-weekly care packages filled to the brim with homemade brownies and cookies, and numerous non-edible treasures to remind him of home and the fabulous life we live and would resume upon his return. Keeping his morale soaring became my #1 priority.

We climbed the steps and were immediately drawn in by the roaring fireplace and old world charm of what would historically be called the “keeping room.”

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