Best Things to Do In a Weekend in Gwinnett County GA

weekend in gwinnett county

If you’re looking for something in the Atlanta area other than big city crowds and traffic, go Gwinnett!  Just 30 minutes north of Atlanta, Gwinnett County offers an entirely different experience.

Charming small towns dot the landscape and delectable food experiences from nouveau gourmet to down south home cookin’ await.  There’s history and culture, and even a bit of fright!

Ready to explore Gwinnett?  Here’s your guide to best things to do in Gwinnett County in a weekend.

1. Seoul of the South Korean

Get your Asian foodie on in Duluth, home to a plethora of excellent Korean cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and markets.  I’ve been to South Korea, so I can attest to the delicious authenticity. You can dedicate an entire day to this Korean culture and food tour, but be prepared to roll out of your car and into your hotel!

Jang Su Jang

weekend in gwinnett county

You won’t go hungry at Jang Su Jang.  A diverse menu offers tofu soups, Korean BBQ, Bossam, savory seafood entrees, vegetable and rice side dishes, and lots of other goodies.

Tree Story Bakery & Café

weekend in gwinnett county

Get ready to channel your inner-five-year-old at this whimsically-decorated bakery which is reminiscent of a treehouse.   The choices of baked goods at Tree Story are almost infinite with both Korean and American scrumptious treats.  As for me, I indulged in several, including a piece of cake as big as my head.

H Mart

weekend in gwinnett county

I was glad to take a break from my gluttony to browse through H Mart, a Korean-American Asian supermarket chain with all manner of merchandise, including processed food, fresh seafood, Korean-style deli, housewares, souvenirs, beauty products, and clothing.

Mac Lab

weekend in gwinnett county

Who doesn’t love French macarons?  Located within the Korean section of Duluth, Mac Lab is an East Asian–inspired café that makes macarons which are not only delicious but also colorful and thematic.  The cafe also offers matcha and [read more]

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